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Meet the Staff at Darrenlas Primary School
Picture 1 Mrs Gemma Powell Executive Headteacher
Picture 2 Miss Victoria Morris Head of School
Picture 3 Mrs Ruth Allen School Clerk
Picture 4 Mrs Judith Bradley Administrative Assistant
Picture 5 Ms Karen Davies School Clerk
Picture 6 Mrs Carly Zgorzelski-Tierney FP Leader & Reception
Picture 7 Mrs Bethan Rosser Year 4 Teacher & SENCO
Picture 8 Mrs Amanda Vigliotta Year 6 Teacher
Picture 9 Miss Liz Thomas Year 6 Teacher
Picture 10 Miss Stevie O'Neil Year 1/2 Teacher
Picture 11 Miss Lauren E Jones Year 5 Teacher
Picture 12 Miss Lauren S Houlihan Year 1 Teacher
Picture 13 Miss Katie-Mae Scorey Year 3 Teacher
Picture 14 Mrs Carrie Warner Teaching Assistant
Picture 15 Mrs Angharad Williams Teaching Assistant
Picture 16 Mrs Sam Widrington Teaching Assistant
Picture 17 Mrs Luci Woods Teaching Assistant
Picture 18 Miss Danielle Rees Teaching Assistant
Picture 19 Mrs Gail Morgan TeachingAssistant
Picture 20 Mrs Claire Davies TeachingAssistant
Picture 21 Miss Katie Moon Teaching Assistant
Picture 22 Mrs Lisa Pryse TeachingAssistant
Picture 23 Mrs Linda Little TeachingAssistant
Picture 24 Mrs Carol Carey Teaching Assistant
Picture 25 Miss Kelsey Hall TeachingAssistant
Picture 26 Mr Mark Griffiths Caretaker
Picture 27 Mrs Jenny Williams Cleaner
Picture 28 Mrs Julie Watts KitchenAssistant
Picture 29 Mrs Julie Davies SchoolCook
Picture 30 Miss Tina Williams Kitchen Assistant
Picture 31 Mrs Ann Francis CrossingPatrol
Picture 32 Mrs Trudi Morgan Midday Supervisor
Picture 33 Mrs Sally Bunce Midday Supervisor
Picture 34 Mrs Talia Hurt Midday Supervisor
Picture 35 Mrs Susan Davies Midday Supervisor
Picture 36 Miss Kelly James Midday supervisor