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Welcome to Class 5
Croeso i Dosbarth 5


Teacher: Miss Lewis
TA: Miss Moon


Welcome back to school Year 5! We have lots of interesting and new things to learn this year.


Our new Topic: Hakuna Matata!


This term, our learning will focus on the theme 

'Hakuna Matata'

and will make links to Africa, learning all about the different countries and the people and animals that call it home. 

Our PE sessions will be on a Wednesday afternoon.
Please remember to come dressed in your P.E. clothes (a school t-shirt, joggers/leggings and trainers as P.E. might be outdoors) as we are unable to change in school at the moment 

Reading will take place in school, as usual, but as we cannot send books home at the moment, you can access reading materials on Oxford Owl.
See the website - - for suitable books for your child. 
Ongoing homework should be to focus on revising questions from Big Maths, home reading and the homework menu sheet (to follow).
When solving reasoning questions we encourage the children to use the RUCSAC method;

R- Read the question carefully twice, what is the important information?
U- Understand the question. What do you have to find out?
C- Choose the right operation (x-+÷) and method of calculation.
S- Solve the problem! Make sure you follow all the steps.
A- Answer- Have you answered the question? What were you meant to find out?
C- Check your answer. If possible use the inverse operation.


Year 5 information - 2020 to 2021







Work from previous Year 5 classes:




Homework Menu - Summer Term


Tomorrow's World - Summer Term


Our topic this term is 'Tomorrow's World'. We will be learning all about the Technology, how it has changed, new inventions and comparing this to our lives today.​​​​


Thank you for your continued support.
Miss Churchouse 






PC Price Visit


On Wednesday 13th March we had a visit form PC Price who came into school to do a session with us about making the right choices regarding anti-social behaviour. We watched a video showing some children carrying out activities that were anti-social and explored why these were wrong and the potential consequences. We also explored how our actions can affect others by using empathy and exploring what can happen as a result of our behaviour.


Below is a website that we can go on for more advise and activities for both ourselves and our parents:



Eco Week


During the week beginning 11th March we participated in Eco Week. We carried out a range of activities throughout the week to raise our awareness of how, as a school, we can make changes in our everyday lives to help protect and preserve our environment. 


On Monday morning we had a visit from Nigel from Size of Wales. He told us about how Size of Wales protect an area of the Amazon Rainforest that is almost twice the size of Wales through ‘The Size of Wales Education Programme’. We learnt all about the Amazon Rainforest and how we can contribute to protecting the Rainforest. This includes using less products that contain Palm Oil as framers chop down trees in the Rainforest and plant palm trees so that they can harvest more Palm Oil. This results in there being less habitat available for Rainforests animals such as Orangutans.


We also learnt that if we don’t take steps to protect our Rainforests soon, the Rainforests could disappear completely in 40 years!





We also produced some PicCollage's to raise awareness of the damage being done to the Rainforest and what we can do to help.




World Book Day

On Friday 8th March we celebrated world book day by dressing up as one of our favourite book characters. We also shared some books with the children in Dosbarth Un during the afternoon.







Garage Band Workshop

On Wednesday 9th January we had some visitors for Steel House Productions who carried out a Garage Band Workshop with us. We learnt lots of new skills about how to use Garage Band to experiment with music, how to change the pitch, tempo and rhythm of the music we produced by changing the instruments, sounds and length of the recordings we used. After we had learnt all of these skills we composed a final piece to perform and upload to Sound Cloud for our families and friends to listen to. Have a look below...  search: steelhouseproductionsuk



Roses and Royals Immersion Day

On our first day back after the Christmas break we carried out an immersion day for our new topic 'Roses and Royals'.


During the morning we carried out a range of activities including; creating Tudor Roses, Researching and creating fact files of Tudor Monarchs, following a recipe to make some Ship Biscuits (these were a common food during Tudor times) and watching a short clip from Horrible Histories about the Terrible Tudors!


During the afternoon session we had a visitor who came to teach us all about various aspects of the Tudors. It was amazing! We learnt about; how the Tudor Rose was formed, various Kings and important people during Tudor times, the different clothes Tudors wore and how fashion changed during the Tudor period, the medical facts they believed were true and how they treated them, and much more. This was a great way to start our topic and has inspired us to think of some interesting and engaging questions that will help to lead our learning this term. 












Roses and Royals - Spring Term

100 Years Since WW1


In the week leading up to Remembrance Sunday we did lots of learning about WW1. We learnt lots of interesting and unfortunate facts about the war including; when it started, how it started, events during the war, how it ended and how it affected the world.


We then learnt how we remember the sacrifice of the soldiers who fought in both World Wars and who continue to fight in wars today by wearing a poppy. We created our own poppies and used these to create a remembrance display for the school fence.



During our literacy lessons we explored a war poem by John McCrae called In Flanders Fields. We used this poem to create War Poetry of our own. We also rehearsed and acted out John McCrae's poem and performed it.


In Art we created watercolour scenes using the skills we have been focusing on and  designed war silhouettes to add onto them to create our own commemorative war scenes.






Day of the Dead Festival


On 31st on October Mexicans celebrate The a Day if the Dead festival. This week during our topic lessons we have been learning all about the 3 day festival and on Friday 26th October we held our own Day if the Dead festival. We recreated each of the 3 days and had our faces painted like Mexican’s will during the festival that is taking place next week. We also learnt a Mexican Hat Dance and performed it to Miss Morris.





Our Class Trip to Wahaca and Cardiff


On Monday 21st October we went on a class trip to Cardiff. On our trip we carried out lots of activities. These included; carrying out a shop survey, asking members of the public to complete our questionnaires about why they were visiting Cardiff, visiting a Mexican restaurant (Wahaca) to make guacamole and try some Mexican foods and producing some art work of the buildings that we saw around Cardiff City Center. We had a great time and now we are going to use all of the information we collected about Cardiff to compare our capital city to Mexico's capital city, Mexico City. 














Our Virtual Trip to Mexico!

On Monday 8th October we took a virtual trip to Mexico. We used digital media to recreate the plane journey and excursions to different parts of Mexico. We visited; The Mayan Temples, Mexico City and the beautiful beaches of Mexico. We are going to use this to help us to write a postcard of our visit to send to our family members.










Super Attenders Assembly

On 4th October we had a visit from Super Attender. He came to tell us all about why it is important that we come to school everyday. 















He is going to come back to visit us later in the year to reward those children that have had great attendance all year!














For our attendance each term we will be given different coloured bands to show how good our attendance has been. At the end of the year the people with the best attendance will be out in a draw to win a prize!

























Train Track Safety Assembly

On 13th September we had a visit from Emma. She worked for Network rail and came into school to do an assembly with us about how to stay safe near railway lines. We learnt all about trains and how dangerous they can be! We now know;


- where to cross the train tracks (at a level crossing, an open crossing, a footpath crossing, a footbridge or a tunnel) 



- nobody can cross a crossing when a train is coming (not even the police, ambulance service or fire brigade)


- to stay alert when we are crossing a railway track at a safe crossing by taking earphones out, putting our phones away, not talking to our friends and playing games


- there are hidden dangers at railway tracks such as; railway lines being run on electricity through overhead wires. It is really important not to touch the railway lines, any boxes near then and wires above and around the tracks as they carry high voltages of electricity



- not to play games near the railways,especially ones that involve balls and equipment. If this touches the electricity it can electrocute us



- not to place items on the railway tracks or throw things on trains. This can not only result in us getting hurt but also people on the train. If a train. hits anything it can derail


- by trespassing and walking near or on the railway tracks we can be fined £1000 by the British Transport Police


- when we are at a train station waiting for a train, we must always stand behind the yellow line.







Hola Mexico Immersion Day

We had an eventful start to our journey in Year 5. We were placed into groups with year 6 and carried out a range of activities based around our topic 'Hola Mexico'. 


We listened to some Mexican music and discussed what it sounded like and how it made us feel. Some of us even made some dance moves up to theisic we were listening too! 


We tasted a range of Mexican food including;


We learnt about Mexican Worry Dolls and why they are used. We then followed a set of instructions to make our own Worry Dolls to rake home. 


We created Mexican Fact Files by researching about Mexico using books, iPad's and the laptops. We found out lids of information about he country and wrote questions about further facts we wanted to know. 


We learnt Spanish using the Dualingo website and completing the different levels of learning a language. We also had a go at matching Spanish phrases and using them to have a conversation with our peers. Some of us even recorded our conversations using the iPad's. 


We watched a film about Mexican culture and learnt about why music and family are so important. 


We built Mayan Temples using Lego by looking at some example of what Mayan temples look like and using these to help us design our own temple in the same style. 


We researched and explored some of the Mexican festivals using the iPad's and found out lots of interesting facts about them. 


Hola Mexico - Autumn Term