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School Council

School Council elections have taken place and the votes are in.
There are two councillors from each year group with the exception of Year 6 who will have an additional 4 members to represent pupils in Nursery, Reception and Year 1.

Our School Council members are:
Year 2 - Ffion and Ollie
Year 3 -  Isla and Dainton
Year 4 - Bonnie and Ethan
Year 5 - Millie and Harri
Year 6 - Tanwen and Bailey

EYU rep - Scarlett and Lewys 

Year 1 rep - James and Phoebe 

The school  council members meet regularly and decide on a list of issues that need to be tackled and changes that school pupils want made at Darrenlas Primary.

Classes are asked to vote on which areas they feel are most important and come up with some suggestions as to how changes could be made.

If you have something to say about changes you would like to see please talk to your School Council representatives.