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School Punctuality

School Punctuality

Lateness is becoming a big problem within our school at the moment.

Many children are missing core chunks of their learning (Sounds, reading, literacy communication etc) due to 15/20 minutes of arriving late persistently.

This not only disrupts learning for your child but also other children in the class where staff members need to leave class to bring your child into class.

School starts at 8.45am so children should be in the yard BEFORE this time in order to enter school when the bell rings at 8.45am.

We are starting to see a progress gap developing between children who are here on time daily (learning new sounds or developing further reading skills by reading complex texts) and those who miss even the start of the day by 5/10 minutes.

We are asking all parents to try their hardest where possible to get their children in to school on time moving forward in order for this gap not to widen further.

If you need support in any way, please contact us in school.

Thank you,

Mrs Powell & Miss Morris