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Y5 & Y6 Additional Enrichment Talk

Dear Parent/Guardian


The Welsh Government have commissioned a research company called Ecorys UK to evaluate the Additional Enrichment Sessions trial, delivered at Darrenlas Primary School from 16/01/22 to 01/05/22.

Ecorys would like to speak to parents of children/young people who were eligible but chose not to take part in the Additional Enrichment Sessions offered by the school.

The conversation will take place by phone or MS Teams, and last 15-20 minutes. Topics will include:

·       Reflections on the decision that your child/ren would not take part in the Additional Enrichment Sessions

·       How your child/ren like to spend their free time outside of school

·       Suggested improvements to make programmes like this more appealing or accessible


If you are interested in speaking to an Ecorys researcher about the topics above, please enter your details in the secure form here