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Welcome to Drama Club!


Club will run every Monday from 3.15pm until 4.00pm.


We will be practicing lots of drama skills but most importantly we will be having lots of fun!

Spring Term 2020

Welcome back to the Spring Term. Lots of exciting activities planned this term and a few of the usual activities which the children love to take part in!


Week 1 

We performed a sketch for our friends and we were only allowed to use three words in a sentence. We had lots of fun and found it tricky to stick to three words! 


Week 2

We played 'park bench' where the children had to improvise to create a scene, we then froze the scene and someone else joined them. 




Autumn Term 2019

Week 1

Children were asked to create a staff room scene taking on the identity of a staff member. 


Week 2

Sculpting their friend to portray a certain object, place or person. We had lots of fun moving shaping our friends to demonstrate different animals etc.


Week 3

Orchestra - one person is the conductor, the rest are the orchestra - create a sound scene using body percussion or their voices to create a picture e.g. beach, under water, classroom etc.


Week 4

We created scenes where our sentences could only be three words long, it was difficult but the children were amazing and worked well to create interesting pieces which were all different! 

Spring and Summer Term 2019

Performing for our Parents


Still image for this video
Goldilocks and the Three Bears



Week 1 - mirroring

We practiced working in pairs to create a performance, mirroring our partners movements



Week 2 - improvisation

We were given a stimulus of creating a family scene and had to use improvisation to create a piece in groups


Week 3 - Dilemma StoryThe children were given a stimulus of a dilemma. The dilemma was that the children had found a £20 and needed to act out what they would decide to do.