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Summer Term

Our topic this term is:











We have had a great time racing in our Sport's Day. Well done everyone! 










We have been busy looking at pollution in Eco-week.








We had an amazing time in Noah's Ark Farm Zoo. We saw lots of animals and had a lot of fun. 











Click on the wizard to play Wizard's Balls.


Spring Term

Our Topic is:



        DJ Cow                                Winter's Tail                        Finding a fish




     Deep Dive                              Click the crab to practise your 2 times tables.




               Try this game                 Make your own avatar     Click on the pirate to play spelling ship.


Try the Food Chain game.

We loved performing our class assembly for the school.
We had a lot of fun on Red Nose Day and Mr. Griffiths was very pleased with us.






We had very special visitors in our school this afternoon. We were thrilled.






We really enjoyed taking part in our Eisteddfod to celebrate St. David's Day. 




The school looked very different when we came in wearing green to promote our Eco-Week.



We had fun in Eco Week when we had a "Scoot to School" day.




On Safer Internet Day we made our own avatars and created  usernames
to help us keep our personal information private.




We had to investigate Wind Power for Eco Week.
We started off by playing blow football to see what we could do with our own puff.






The submarine and our magical underwater world in class.



Autumn Term

 Our topic this term is:



We had a very special visitor come to see us and we were very excited to receive a present from him.





We had a fabulous afternoon watching the pantomime 'Dick Whittington',
the children were engrossed.






We had a great time in our class Christmas Party,
dancing, playing party games and eating our party food.






Our Christmas concert was fabulous. The children worked so hard and were terrific.
They looked great too. I hope you all enjoyed it.





It was excellent. We also had a chance to play bells,
talk to the actors and sit on a donkey.








We have been learning about Guy Fawkes and The Gunpowder Plot.
We went outside to make  a guy.











The Food Standards Agency came to school today to teach us
about food hygiene, as part of our Science Week.
We saw a fabulous show and Gwen the Monster came into class to work with us.
We had a super time.








We had a great time learning about our body with Rhys from Mad Science,
as part of our Science Week looking into 'Healthy Me'.






The class looked great, when supporting 'Turn Cwm Taf Pink'.




We have been sorting using Venn Diagrams and Carroll Diagrams this week.






We really enjoyed cooking and making cakes for our Macmillan Coffee afternoon.






We have been learning about healthy eating and we had to sort foods into two piles.
One pile for food we think we can eat a lot of and foods that we should not eat a lot of.




We have been learning about our senses and testing them to see how good they are.
We have been smelling, tasting and listening in class. Do we have super powers?