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Our topic for the Summer Term is:



We have had a very healthy and sporty week.
We scooted to school, had Kiwi sports and had a fabulous Sports Day.








We had a wonderful school trip to Garwnant.
Year 1 and 2 went to learn about the forest habitat as part of their topic.
We went on an animal trail, found out about forest animals and made dens for the animals.
We even had time to have a play in the park. It was great!












We had a great time in Victoria Park making sculpture out of the things we could find,
like the artist Andy Goldsworthy.





Our school nurses came in to talk to us this week. They told us about the importance
of washing our hands and showed us how to do it properly.





We were very lucky to have a visit from the Fire service, they came to explain the dangers of playing with matches and what you should do if you see a fire.





Our topic for the Spring Term was:



In the last week of the Easter Term we have seen a lovely assembly about Easter from Year 3. We have had a visit from two fire officers and they
told us about the dangers of matches and what to do in the case of fire.
We also said goodbye to Miss Anstee, she is leaving the school after working here for over twenty years, and we wish her all the best.



We have experienced a special Healthy Schools Week, focusing on "Food and Fitness".
We have had races in our P.E. lessons and a special dance fitness classes which we loved.
We had a talk about healthy lunchboxes with our school nurse and
we made healthy vegetable pasta to eat in class.












We have had another busy day in school celebrating World Book Day.
We all came dressed up as book characters., we had a special assembly,
we had a book swap in class and Year 6 came in to our class to read with us.








The children performed really well in our Eisteddfod,
they sang beautifully and read their poem really well.




We were very lucky this week because Mr. Jones came to school to show us some of his snakes.
He told us all about them and we asked him some questions
about the things we wanted to learn about. Mr. Jones gave us a snake skin to keep and because
Mr. Griffiths was the bravest man in the school, he held a big snake.






Try this game from the people at San Diego Zoo.



Click here to play Animal Island Data.





Our topic for the Autumn Term was:



We have been learning how to make and understand pictograms.



Click here to play the fishing game and read the pictograms.


Click here to play the game about people who help us.


Click here to play the matching game.


We were very excited when Father Christmas came to school to visit us.
We were so lucky he gave us a gift.





The class made us very proud this week when performing their Christmas concert.
They looked fabulous in their costumes, spoke clearly and sang beautifully.








We went to see the Nativity in St. Elvan's in Aberdare.
It was really good, we had a chance to sit on a donkey too.






In our Global Citizenship week, we have been studying Brazil.
We gave presentations in class to Year 2 and the Nursery/Reception children,
we have learnt a lot about Brazil and hope the other classes learnt something too. Then we went to the other classes and we learnt about Divali and Italy. It was very interesting.




We have tasted different tropical fruits that grew in Brazil.






We have been very lucky to have had a brilliant performance from the Pandemonium theatre group.
They taught us about the importance of telling the truth in the show "Cry Wolf".






We have had a great week. We loved working towards and performing in our Harvest Concert.
We used some Harvest vegetables to make a vegetable stew.






A lot of us went to the PTA Halloween Disco and we think it was a huge success.

We walked to Mountain Ash Library to see what is happening in our community.







A part of our Community Explorer topic we have had a visit from PC Rogers,
she talked to us about the job of Police Officers and the other emergency services.






We have been busy in class making cakes for our Macmillan Coffee Afternoon.
We made a delicious Mars Bar and Malteaser cake.






Click here to make and try out some Venn diagrams.