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In the Summer Term our new topic is Land Ahoy.



We have have been working hard in our Healthy Schools Week.
We have had a sponsored run, Sports Day, Kiwi Sports, Dance Fitness,
joined the walking bus,cooked fajitas,
scooted to school, made fruit and vegetables out of dough,
had healthier lunch boxes and we have drank a lot of water.
















We had a visitor from Brace's Bread come into our class.
He showed us how the bread is made in the factory and we made a small loaf in the class.
We learnt a lot about bread making and healthy living.





We had a fantastic time on our class trip to Roath Park, it was a very busy day.
We had a tour of the conservatory with Ranger Dave,
he told us about the plants and the animals of the rainforest.
We also went orienteering, had a bug hunt, played in the playground and fed the ducks.














Men from the Fire Service came to school this week to tell us about
the dangers of matches and lighters and what to do if we see a fire.




We have been busy making boats and testing them to see if they would float.




Some did, some didn't.



We have been using a balance scale to compare the weights of different objects in our class.




Click the picture of the Owl and the Pussycat to listen to the story again and complete the activities.



Click Nash to play the adventures. Learn about floating and sinking. 



Click the parrot to teach him how to spell new words. 





Click the skull to design our own pirate. Don't forget to choose your pirate name.




Click on the ship to play the interactive counting game.




Click the barrel to play the game.




Click the gold coins to play Poop Deck Pirates.



Click on the treasure map to play the co-ordinate game.



 It's the Spring Term and our new topic is "Big Wide World". We will be looking at other countries and paying particular attention to China. If anyone has a connection with China I would love to hear from you.




Well done to everyone in the class who had 100% attendance for the Spring Term. 
A great achievement. Keep up the good work.




On March 20th we experienced a solar eclipse, we went out into the yard
and used our pinhole viewers to see the Moon passing in front of the Sun.
We were careful not to stare into the Sun, as it might hurt our eyes.







Red Nose day was on March 13th this year. We had a great time dressing up
and making our faces "Funny for Money".
The classes sang a silly song and told some jokes to each other in a special assembly.
We like raising money for charity.







World book Day was on the 5th March, we had a book swap in class,
this meant we had a chance of swapping books with our friends.
In the afternoon the older children from Mrs Brooks' class came and read to us.





We had a lovely Eisteddfod to celebrate St. David's Day, we all dressed
up and sang Welsh songs and we said a poem in Welsh too.






We have been celebrating the Chinese new Year in Class and we made a vegetable stir fry.
We had to be careful and chop our vegetables.
When we had cooked in the wok we ate it in class with some prawn crackers.






We have been reading a book about a spider, so we went on a spider
hunt and found out about them using our iPads.




We have a Chinese restaurant in our class, we named it The Golden Dragon.
We have all had a go at using chopsticks and we had a competition to see who was the best.






Why not try the Chinese Dragon maths game? Click the Dragon to play.



We were lucky to have a visit from Pandemonium Theatre Group
and we saw a performance of The Emperor's New Clothes.
We all enjoyed it because it was funny and it taught us not to be selfish or throw litter.








We have been very creative with clay this week, printing our own patterns.






In the Autumn term our topic was ....



I trust that everyone enjoyed the performance of The Smallest Angel.
The children have done everyone proud, what a talented group of children we have.
Nadolig Llawen

The Smallest Angel



We had a fabulous trip to the Millennium Centre
and thoroughly enjoyed Disney's The Lion King.




We had a "Scoot to School" during Eco-Week.



We had a really fun day for Children in Need, we all dressed up and we also had a Talent Contest, which was organised by the School Council.